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Issues Commonly Resolved by a Computer Repair Guy

If your computer is showing signs of an imminent collapse, it’s time you rang a repairman. Most computer service companies in Toronto keep a service chart that addresses common to rare problems. If your issue is not a bizarre one that is so far unheard of, these technicians can salvage your system in a matter of a day or two. Here are some common problems that these professionals have more than hacks for.

• Slow Computer: this can be caused by a spyware infection or a shortage of RAM. Sometimes hard drive overload can eat away the pace of the processor. The professionals look into the cause of the slow down and fix it promptly.

• Virus Infection: Every 1 out of 2 computers get infected by viruses coming from the Internet or external hard drives every day. Though these guys may not be able to whip up a guard against all possible viruses, they can demolish the current infection and activate some firewalls for more safety.

• Slow Internet: This requires not more than a few minutes of fiddling with the computer settings to fix, for the most proficient techies.

• Boot Failure: This is a tell-tell sign of a major malfunction. This can be caused by a poor power supply or some internal error. Your motherboard could be the one causing it.

OS loading Failure: Another significant problem is Windows loading failure. The technicians focus on finding corrupt OS files or bad sectors on the hard drive to fix this.

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