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Laptop Repair


Screen Replacement

If your laptop screen is damaged, chipped, or cracked, does not mean there is no hope for it to function like it used to. Most Laptop owners prefer to replace their distorted screens rather than purchase new ones. Why? It’s simply cost effective. Call Asap Lab today to let our experienced technicians provide a free quote to replace your screen.


Keyboard Replacement

Are you missing a keyboard key? Are your keys mixed up? Or does your keyboard simply not work? You have come to right place as we have a solution for you. At Asap Lab, we provide full cycle keyboard assistance including keyboard replacement, cleaning, and installation. Get your repair started with Asap Lab. started with us.


Hinge Replacement

If your computer monitor won’t stay open , feels loose or has broken hinges, it might be time to replace the hinges of your device. Without adequate hinges, a laptop is not only useless but possesses other dangers to your computer. It may pinch and damage items under the hinge in the base, such as the power jack. Hinges will not only give your computer a new life, but will also save you the time, effort, and money for purchasing a new one. We have more than often replaced computers brought in as two parts; a top and a bottom. However, this is not encouraged and we strongly recommend bringing in your computer before it gets to that stage. Get your repair started with Asap Lab. at Asap Lab.


Install Windows

Interested in installing or even re-installing windows on your computer? You’ve come to the right place. At Asap Lab, our technicians provide top quality installations and reinstallations, ensuring your PC feels new again. The process of reinstalling windows not only refreshes the operating system, but also gets rid of unwanted errors and viruses.Get your repair started with Asap Lab. with Asap Lab today.


Backup Data

The importance of backing up your data goes without being said. We all know we’re supposed to do it- but not many of us take the time and initiative to do so. At Asap Lab, we see the consequences of unsaved data on a regular basis. This is why we encourage and provide our backup data services. Included in this service is the transfer and backup of the old hard drive to the new one. You can have the peace of mind that your data will always be safe.


Change Hard Drive

When changing your Hard Drive usually will have the need to clone the old Hard drive or installing the windows and then reinstalling all other programs and recover all data from your old Hard drive.

Over Heating Computer

Overheating Computer

Computers are created with heat dispersion and ventilations, as they are not meant to sustain a buildup of heat. Too much heat does not only reduce the CPU’s efficiency, but also wears out components faster than necessary, causing the computer to suddenly shut down. If you are experiencing abnormal overheating, get your computer checked as soon as possible. Possible causes for the overheating are listed below:

  • Computers case may be full of dust
  • Failed or broken fan
  • Blockade of computer’s vents
  • Computer not designed to run at maximum performance for hours on end


Broken DC/USB/ Audio Socket

A broken or failed DC, USB, or Audio Socket is not an uncommon problem. At Asap Lab, our technicians possess the knowledge and tools to replace and or repair the issue accordingly.Get your repair started with Asap Lab. today.


Mainboard Fix

Is your computer not turning on? Has it been exposed to water damage? Chances are, you need to either repair or replace your motherboard. Many people often make the mistake of thinking their computer is dead, and go ahead and purchase new one. Luckily, a repair is not only cost effective, but also time efficient. Asap Lab specializes in all issues associated with your motherboard. Get your repair started with Asap Lab. to receive a free diagnosis on your problem. Don’t forget- you don’t pay unless we fix it.


Virus Removal

Discovering your computer has a virus, and that you haven’t backed up all your important files and pictures is nothing less than depressing. Whether it is from downloading a corrupt file or emailing unknown recipients, one wrong click can cause endless problems. Take a look at the virus symptoms listed below. If you are suspicious your laptop has any type of virus, trojan, worm or malware, it is critical to get this checked asap. The longer a virus remains on your computer, the possibility of it creating more problems only increases. At Asap Lab, we promise to make every attempt to protect your data. Get your repair started with Asap Lab.

Signs You May Have a Virus
  • Slow Performance
  • Delayed Start Up
  • Constant Pop Ups
  • Missing Files
  • Unusual Error Messages
  • Disks or Disk Drives Are Not Accessible
  • Lockdown- Warnings
  • Essential Functions Don’t Work
  • Crashing, Freezing

ASAP LAB TIP: Always be prepared for the worst. Keep backups of all your critical files and pictures.


Data Recovery

We all know what it feels like, losing a big chunk of a report that’s due the night before. I’m sure we can all agree it’s not a pleasant feeling. Now imagine this on a larger scale; loosing all the pictures, files, videos and memories on your computer. It’s even worse. At Asap Lab, we make every attempt to recover your lost, missing, or deleted files. Please note there is no guarantee of data recovery, as every case varies, but we will not charge you if we are unable to preserve your data.

Computer Repair Service


At Asap Lab, we believe in free diagnostics. We understand it is difficult to pinpoint the problem your computer is facing, which is why we do it for you. Our technicians will provide you with a detailed explanation of the problem, course of steps to solve it, and the associated costs. You are in no way obligated to resume with our services.


Laptop Repair: Our Commitment to Customers

Laptops are meant to be portable, not disposable. After all, the data stored on them can be precious and irreplaceable. When something goes wrong, ASAP Lab is here to help. We are the laptop repair Thornhill service computer owners can turn to for reliable diagnostics and repairs for a wide variety of laptop concerns. From laptop screen replacement Toronto service to virus removal, our technicians are standing by to assist customers with a variety of laptop-related needs.

ASAP Lab has been serving Markham and the greater Toronto area for years. Our technicians offer a diversity of services meant to help laptop owners keep their machines in good working order. We can address such needs as data recovery, hard drive swaps, screen replacement, mainboard repairs and more.

A commitment to customer service is the driving force behind ASAP Lab. We understand “simple” computer problems aren’t so simple when a machine is needed right away, but budgets matter too. That is why we offer free diagnostics, price matching guarantees and a commitment to complete repairs quickly and correctly the first time around. We are so confident in our abilities to assist, we offer laptop customers a full 90-day guarantee on any work performed. If laptop problems are a concern, just call ASAP Lab today to find out how we can help!

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